This table shows the typical price for battery refurbishing. Check the details on your battery pack and compare the information against the table listed below. If you have problems finding your battery please Call or Email us, alternatively, use the online enquiry form.

The prices above are indicative. On some high power battery packs there may be additional components needed adding a small increase to the prices quoted above. Please contact us to confirm price.

Most battery packs can have their capacity upgraded. For larger upgrades your charger must be compatible, please contact us for advice and your upgrade options.

Voltage 1.3/1.5Ah 2.0Ah 2.0Ah 2.6/3.0Ah 3.6/4.0Ah
9.6v 28.80 33.52 33.25 35.00 41.00
12v 31.49 36.96 36.96 41.50 50.00
14.4v 33.00 41.34 41.34 46.00 59.00
15.6v 35.54 45.04 45.04 49.00 65.50
18v 38.23 47.04 47.04 53.00 71.00
19.2v 39.60 48.32 48.32 57.50 76.00
24v 45.00 55.92 55.92 69.00 87.00


58.49 76.08 76.08 98.00 140.00

All prices above are guideline prices and we can also offer bulk discounts, Some batteries do have special cells required which we are unable to offer at these prices, all the above prices include VAT

Sertronics Batteries are also able to Refurbish Most LION batteries, Due to the nature of LION all quotes are different as it is dependant upon the indvividual battery, Please call us for more information on 01922624412



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