INVESTMENT continues to promote greater efficiency and productivity
Throughout 2015 Sertronics will continue to invest in company infrastructure and have embarked on an exciting range of enhancements throughout the business including replacing all IT hardware and using cloud based server software. The aim is to offer our customers a more efficient, faster and more economical service.

NEW telephone system
Our existing telephone system is being replaced with a new Polycom system giving us total flexibility and security, providing a new range of services our customers can use.

NEW job management system
From the first week in April, Sertronics will implement its new state of the art job management software to control all of its manufacturing and repair processes. The new software will give Sertronics customers the ability to trace and track their own jobs through the Sertronics web portal and it will enable customers to book their jobs for collection on the system.

NEW production equipment
We are investing in a range of production equipment including an additional battery tab welding station allowing increased production and faster turnaround time. We are also introducing a computer controlled guillotine for producing nickel strip battery tabs to any size required automatically -which is particularly useful with some specialist battery pack development. This machine produces link strips in a fraction of the time currently experienced.

NEW training facility and APPRENTICESHIPS
Sertronics plans also include the creation of a small, purpose built training facility based at our current premises in Walsall, which will be used for technical training including advanced cell technology and manufacturing and warehousing. The training facility will also be available to some customers who wish to gain better understanding of battery technology. Sertronics is undergoing training on Cell Technologies and its staff are receiving a range of on-going training which will ultimately benefit them personally and Sertronics Customers. Battery technology is improving and becoming more complicated with new products coming on to the market every week staying ahead of this new technology is challenging but very exciting. Experienced staff of a sufficiently high standard, are difficult to find as we operate in a specialist niche market. Sertronics understands the need to develop enthusiastic keen minds to work with this technology and to these ends Sertronics will during 2015 start an apprenticeship scheme alongside Walsall College.

OWN BRAND battery packs
During the past few years we have been asked if we supply new battery packs and until now this is a service we have been unable to offer, We are now pleased to announce the introduction of a full range of Sertronics own brand battery packs and accessories. There is a gap in the market for the provision of a high quality UK based products that can compete on price with inferior foreign pattern battery packs advertised on line that have limited guarantee and poor performance. Sertronics new range of products will give guaranteed high quality and performance at a price point that compares with any others advertised. Our customers can be confident that any products purchased from Sertronics have undergone rigorous quality testing and will give performance equal to OEM products. This is supported by Sertronics technical team and a full warranty.

We’ll keep you posted on these and other developments throughout the year…


Sertronics Ltd will strive to exceed the expectations of its customers and
suppliers, supplying a customer driven service focused on reducing costs
and carbon emissions by refurbishing and recycling equipment for reuse
using the latest technology and highest quality materials.


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