Good environmental practice is an integral part of good business management. All aspects of the company’s operations and services have an impact on the environment.

Sertronics is committed to continually improve the environmental performance of the business. All colleagues will take an active role improving the company’s environmental impact as follows:

  • All Sertronics personnel will receive full training and instruction in order that they are able to participate effectively in the environmental management process.

  • Effective communication is a priority to ensure constant feedback and continual learning at all levels. This is implemented through environmental review meetings, team briefings and the sharing of information between colleagues.

  • Colleagues are encouraged to evaluate the impact of tasks performed within the business. If there is any doubt about the environmental integrity of the task in hand, Colleagues are advised to seek assistance from their line manager.

  • Sertronics will monitor and encourage its customers and suppliers to respect its environmental standards. Wherever possible environmental consideration will be included in customer and supplier service level agreements.

  • Sertronics directors will give their full commitment to creating a culture of environmental awareness. The directors will invest and promote all aspects of good environmental practice.

  • Sertronics will ensure that, where practicable, materials purchased will have a recycled content and have a minimal negative impact on the environment.

  • Sertronics intends to produce a carbon offset statement.

  • Sertronics will strive to achieve the standard required for full compliance with all the requirements set out within ISO14001.



Sertronics Ltd will strive to exceed the expectations of its customers and
suppliers, supplying a customer driven service focused on reducing costs
and carbon emissions by refurbishing and recycling equipment for reuse
using the latest technology and highest quality materials.


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